the digital innovation competition of Budapest 2024!
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Application for the Digital Innovation Competition of Budapest 2024 has been closed! Check out the selected ideas!


The Digital Innovation Competition of Budapest 2024 is a joint program in partnership with Design Terminal.The participants take part in a 2x4 month long intense incubation program for free. They are working on urban solutions and tech innovations that can help Budapest win the right to organize the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. The best ideas could be part of Budapest’s 2024 Olympic bid!

The goal is to improve spectator experience, involve youth and target new audience groups with the aid of digital innovation.

Introducing the selected ideas and teams

Smart Stadiums 2024 || Róbert Kiss -engineer, project manager, Gábor Fekete - IT developer, Róbert Abai - product developer
Their goal is to create an intelligent stadium: the formation and implementation of an easy-to-use infrastructure which guides thousands of visitors through smart devices.

#FanZone || dr.jur.Csaba Szalai - project manager, lawyer, László Horváth - sales manager
They improve the experience of the sports fans engaged in the Olympics by a unique digital and multifunctional platform.

AR City || Orsi Kuzma - marketing, Etentuk Udeme - software developer, creator of the idea
They make the elements of the built city environment (shop windows, walls, street sections, the interiors of coffee shops, etc) readable for smart devices by using augmented reality. By this, new information is made available about the given surfaces. Their plan is to make the whole city readable with the help of artificial intelligence.

Olympic Backstage Media || Péter Pásztor, Ferenc Lavro,György Farkas
They intend to design an informative entertainment system that sheds light on the behind the scenes secrets of the Olympics.

Tiple || Ferenc Pető-project manager, software developer, Daniel- software developer, Henrik - head of software development, Richárd - communications, marketing
The team proves that betting without money can also be exciting. Their goal is to transform the sports betting market and provide a social platform that we can use with our friends and colleagues.

Rawview || Bence Ivancsics - project manager, Viktória Petrányi - PR
The team is developing a streaming solution so that the audience can experience more of the Olympics. RawView is a streaming solution that broadcasts in 360 degrees on smartphones and shows all corners of the stadiums.

C.A.S. || László Jobbágy -developer
They offer a solution to store current broadcasts, video materials and statistics, and to show them again in a new way. Contrary to traditional TV and streams where the editor decides on what can the viewer watch, they gain more information from the show with the help of augmented reality.

Budapest4real || Ferenc Lavro, Olga Lavro-Gazdag
The aim of the app designed for mobile devices is to show Budapest efficiently and in depth not only for visitors but also for those planning to travel here. Budapest4real is a personal tour guide available on cell phones that introduce you to the city and the Olympics.

What we offer

Professional mentoring

You can participate in a 2x4 month long intense incubation program for free. The development of your idea is aided by Design Terminal’s extensive Hungarian and international mentor network.

Office space

You will have a place reserved in one of Budapest’s best coworking offices so that you can work on your tasks and innovation in the most effective way.


Since the program needs time and commitment, we’d like to honour your work and energy in this way.

The Budapest 2024

Not-for-profit Zrt. will sign a contract with the developers of the best solutions by the end of the program for the usage of the products/services.
1.500.000 Ft
3.000.00 Ft
1.000.000 Ft

At the end of eight month long mentoring the most promising concepts
and those who achieved the greatest development will be awarded.



    Application start


    Deadline Once the applications are submitted, we will review them and reach out to select teams and get to know the founders. The top teams advance to the Selection Camp.


    Selection Camp A two-day long intensive workshop to test the professional competence and the members’ aptitude. At the end the key mentors and partners select the most successful ones who can participate in the program.

  • 14. NOVEMBER

    Program launches the lucky ones start the program as mentees.


    I. Semester Personal mentoring, training and workshop sessions start. The idea development and validation begins


    II. Semester Preparatory stage to transform the idea to a demo

  • 28. JULY

    Program ends We close the program and the eight-month long development work.

The competition takes place at the same time as Design Terminal’s mentoring program. So it opens the opportunity for the teams to think and work together with TechLab, CityLab and DesignLab teams. It is important that the mentees are part of a process where they can mutually benefit from the synergies between the various disciplines and recognize the potential of their cooperation opportunities.

Evaluation criteria

Innovative power

Hands-on creativity, desire and enthusiasm to develop and implement new concepts. Revolutionizing a traditional field, laying the groundwork for new trends.


Using appropriate resources (in moderation), the idea can be executed and turned into a product / service

Design thinking

Incorporating and synthesizing aspects of various disciplines to provide complex solutions to a specific issue or problem, ensuring an end result that is, in every sense, sustainable, functional and complete


Striving to solve problems connected to the Olympic experience.


Striving to solve a problem that exists and is relevant in the context of delivering the fullest experience to the audience and communities of the Olympic Games

Social value

Useful solutions for the audience, ability to positively impact the future of the community and Hungary’s image.

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